Wine – Alias Secret Agent Red

I have been doing my homework, one bottle at time LoL. I have found an awesome one called Alias Secret Agent Red. Alias is a blend of Merlot, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah that these winemakers made out of from a short yield of merlot and cab grapes. They wanted to keep the price point of their wines low so the played around and started blending, the result was WOW! I opened this bottle and poured a glass. The color and the nose was very pleasant like sitting back and taking a big breath of fresh air and smelling a bowl of fresh cut fruit. The first taste was like getting a surprise gift, big fruit flavors of cherry, plum and raspberry with a hint of toasted vanilla. The balance of this wine was unbelievable you can pair this wine with a good steak or burger or grilled salmon.

Then I started reading more about the winemakers and the awards this wine won. The winemakers started the company in 2008 with the economy in a slump and a surplus of grapes in the market, they decided to take a chance and start making good wines with a low price point. The results, they were running out of wine and the demand only grew. And every year the demand grew to the point that the three left winemakers left their jobs and concentrated on their own winemaking business.

I am drinking this wine right now……mmmm delicious. And what more can I say but Wine Enthusiast said “Best Wine for the Value” and California Wine Competition ”Gold Medal two years running”. Another sip……great wine for under $15. Wait The Market is selling 2 for $15. OMG!!!!

Stan’s recommendation: BUY! NOW!