Portuguese Wine

Well here I am and I was thinking about a new wine to bring in our store. Talked to my wine reps and one said do you carry any Portuguese wines? Yes some Ports. No the hot ones out on the market. Well enlighten me I replied back. We sampled Reguengos, a Portuguese red blend of three varietals one of which is a Tempranillo. I tried  it and was very pleased. Like most wines in the Old Country are usually more earthy and light on the fruit, this one is well balanced. It has the bold and hardiness of the Tempranillo but with the other varietals you get the balance of the fruit. To the nose you get the dark cherry and plum and the taste you get rewarded with both the fruit and the hardiness of the Tempranillo.
Reguengos is a definite great buy especially if you are having steak or may be some lamb chops off the grill and yet with its balance you can have it with some brats. This wine will be a definite hit so stop by The Market and pick some up today.