About The Market

The History of The Market

In 1968 Joseph Ochab came here from Poland with $5 and a dream to open a market with a good deli. With some hard work, that dream became a reality in 1977, and he opened Joe’s Market. It was a small store with a small service counter selling lunch meats, sausage, and fresh meat, a few aisles of grocery, a small cooler with some milk and fresh produce. Joe had no knowledge of the grocery business, but with the help of family and friends and the recipes for good sausage, the business took off.  As the business grew, more family got involved in the business so Joe decided to change the name to The Market.

August 7, 2007, tragedy struck:  The Market experienced a devastating electrical fire and burned to the ground. It was just days from our 30th anniversary. The Ochab Family decided to rebuild, but only better than before. One year later on August 7, 2008, The Market reopened.

Today, The Market has grown in to Downriver’s finest specialty market. Specializing in all-natural fresh meats that are devoid of growth hormones or antibiotics, and all animals treated humanely. Our large and extensive deli offers a wide variety of luncheon meats and cheeses that will surely please. The smokehouse is always busy making Old World smoked and fresh sausage and lunch meats that you can only find here. Chefs prepare hot and cold entrees and gourmet salads daily that will make your meals special. A full-service catering department is always here to assist with entertaining your guests whether it is a luncheon, shower, graduation, or wedding.  No matter what the occasion is, The Market can make it special.